EuroPython 2018

EduBlocks - Making the transition to Python easier!

Speaker(s) Joshua Lowe

Looking for ways to make the transition from block based programming to Python easier, then look no further! In this talk 14 year old Josh will introduce you to his project called EduBlocks, which is a drag and drop version of Python 3 that he has created to help teachers introduce programming languages, like Python, to children at an earlier age. The goal of the project is to make the transition from block based programs like Scratch to Python easier for students and teachers, as presently there is no drop-in solution that bridges this gap. Josh will share his journey so far with you, from how he came up with the idea when he was only 11 years old, the developments along the way, the exciting plans for the future and how schools today in over 72 different countries around the world are making use of EduBlocks on the Raspberry Pi and micro:bit.

in on Friday 27 July at 10:30 See schedule

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