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Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe
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My name is Josh (@allaboutcode) and I am a 14 year old coder, passionate about sharing my skills with others. I am the creator of EduBlocks, a drag and drop version of Python 3 which allows students to learn the Python syntax with minimal errors, allowing children to access Python at a younger age. This software is now being used in 72 different countries around the world by students and teachers alike and has recently included a micro:bit editor. I deliver numerous workshops around the country sharing my passion for coding to people of all ages including CPD sessions for teachers. In 2017 I was awarded a John Pinner Award at PyCon UK for my contribution to the coding community and was a BT Young Pioneer finalist. This year I will be talking and running workshops at MiXiT in Lyon and giving the second keynote to the Education Summit at PyCon USA. I am also proud to be a pi-top futureCHAMPION. For more info visit: @allaboutcode @edu_blocks