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Conference Photographer

This year, we will have Alina Cristea as our official EuroPython 2018 Conference Photographer:

Alina Cristea is a visual artist specialized in photography and video, based in Brussels.

Her expertise ranges from portrait photography, still life, architecture, landscape to documenting cultural events, digital reproductions and reportage photography, as well as analogue techniques of developing film.

With a passion for great design and quality products, she has a keen eye for colours and textures which she can translate into high quality digital or analogue imagery. Working in Belgium, but willing to lend her creative eye anywhere in Europe.

Alina's portfolio:

All pictures will be uploaded to our EuroPython Flickr account.

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The pictures from EuroPython 2018 will all be uploaded to our EuroPython Flickr account in a new group:

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If you have pictures you'd like to share, please upload them on Flickr and then ask them to be added to the group as well.

EuroPython 2017 Photos

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