EuroPython 2018

Create your own Artificial Intelligence to monitor your Linux System!

Speaker(s) Maha Mdini

The object of this session is to explain how one may apply simple statistical calculations and Machine Learning techniques to monitor one’s Linux system. Systems, running services and installed applications generate a large amount of logs. One may create also customized logs for a particular purpose.

These logs may be processed in real time or in demand by the means of smart Python scripts for varied purposes:

1- Optimizing the performance of the system by monitoring the systems logs (e.g. boot logs) and modeling metrics such as CPU/memory usage, monitoring the performance of services such as HTTP, MySQL…

2- Securing the system from external threats by monitoring browsing, ports, login logs …, as well as from internal crashes by monitoring kernel logs

3- Modeling one’s daily behavior by measuring the frequency/correlations of the usage of applications/services …

in on Thursday 26 July at 10:00 See schedule


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    Didn't have time to see your poster at the conference, so thanks for putting it online! Very interesting :)
    — Alexandre Figura,

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