EuroPython 2018

Python Game Console

Speaker(s) Radomir Dopieralski

Learning to make video games is a great way to learn about computers. They are not only very motivating and rewarding, but also teach a very difficult kind of programming — real-time, interactive applications. In the process you also learn about graphics, sound, graphs, artificial intelligence, data structures and algorithms, not because someone tries to teach you, but simply because you actually need all this to make your game. Knowledge gained this way has its own unique quality. Unfortunately, while Python is an excellent language for learning, it doesn’t make it easy to make games. The number of hoops you have to jump through for installing and configuring everything on every single computer on which you want to run your game makes it really hard to start, and even harder to show your creations to your friends. To make things easier, I have built a number of devices dedicated to game development, which remove as many of the obstacles as possible to let you simply start on making your game, without distractions.

in on Thursday 26 July at 10:00 See schedule


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