EuroPython 2018

Python, Docker, Kubernetes, and beyond ?

Speaker(s) Peter Babics

Have you ever tried to manage deployment of multiple python applications through various linux distributions ? If so, you must have heard of Docker and maybe also Kubernetes. Distributing python applications using docker is simple and allows to create static packages containing everything required for them to run. Also it allows to freeze everything, packages, available libraries, files on filesystem. In my speech I would like to tell you about our brief journey, of moving our trading platform from standalone application directly on host system, through deploying it in docker and latter moving it to kubernetes. I will explain our struggles with implementing stable and fast CI using Gitlab CI and Docker, image (package) storage and cleanup of old images and finally I will tell you how we are deploying our platform to kubernetes, with nothing more than yaml-s and templating.

in on Wednesday 25 July at 16:05 See schedule


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