EuroPython 2018

Interoperability Rules for an European API Ecosystem: do we still need SOAP?

Speaker(s) Roberto Polli


Italy is introducing a new API Ecosystem because the complexity of the old SOAP-based protocol was now a barrier for the creation of newer services.

This talk presents the Digital Transformation Team ongoing work on an interoperability framework based on (REST) API, including:

  • the scheme standardization based on EU standards, ontologies and RFC
  • an availability strategy based on a distributed circuit-breaker and throttling patterns
  • a contract-first (API-first) approach to REST services via OpenAPI spec


  • when you can replace SOAP Headers with the HTTP semantics introduced in RFC 7230-7238
  • strategies for a non-repudiation system based on HTTP (eg. DOSETA, JWS, ..)
  • the path towards an European interoperable API Ecosystem


  • basic knowledge of SOAP, REST and the HTTP protocol
  • general web service issues, DDOS, availability and metrics

in on Thursday 26 July at 11:20 See schedule

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