EuroPython 2018

Get your documentation right

Speaker(s) Daniele Procida

This workshop introduces, and helps you implement, an approach that will improve your project’s documentation.

This approach focuses on documentation structure. Based on sound, well-established principles concerning a number of topics (including learning, understanding, praxis, pedagogy amongst others) it provides a documentation framework that is easy to understand, straightforward to put into practice, and above all, immediately and enduringly effective.

In the workshop we’ll use a hypothetical documentation set for examples, but attendees should have some actual documentation - whether already extant or in the planning phase - to apply it.

The principles used in this workshop are outlined at This work has been presented in numerous conference talks, such as

It has been applied successfully to many software projects, making the documentation better for users, and more manageable for its maintainers.

in on Tuesday 24 July at 13:45 See schedule
in on Tuesday 24 July at 15:15 See schedule

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