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Django Girls EuroPython 2017

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The Django Girls workshops series was founded at EuroPython 2014. Since then we’ve sponsored a Django Girls workshops every year, by providing free rooms, catering and discounted or free tickets to workshop participants and trainers.

Django Girls EuroPython 2017

This year, we will again have a Django Girls workshop, organized by FuzzyBrains, an Italian non-profit based in Florence. The workshop will be held on Sunday, July 9th in the EuroPython 2017 conference venue from 09:00 to 18:00 CEST.

The workshop is for free, but you have to apply on the Django Girls website to be able to attend.

For more information, please check the Django Girls EuroPython website.

How we sponsor the event

For EuroPython 2017, we are providing the room and catering in the conference venue, as well as giving free conference tickets to trainers and making available up to 30 discounted student rate conference tickets to the workshop attendees. We have also allowed attendees to submit to our financial aid program.

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