EuroPython 2018

Agile Data Analytics with Pandas

Speaker(s) Alexander Hendorf
Sub Community: PyData

Agile Data Analytics with Pandas Training. Pandas is the Swiss-Multipurpose Knife for Data Analysis in Python. With Pandas dealing with data-analysis is easy and simple but there are some things you need to get your head around first as Data-Frames and Data-Series. After this tutorial you will be able to work with Pandas and make simple data analytics incl. visualisations. Pandas is not only useful in data science it’s also a great tool for creating e.g. sales reports or any other data-driven report required in business.

Part one: The Basics

  • Working with pandas and Jupyter notebooks
  • reading and writing data across multiple formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL, HTML,…)
  • selecting and accessing data
  • inner-mechanics of Pandas: Data-Frames, Data-Series
  • boolean indexes
  • summary and Q&A

Part two: Visualisation

Pandas features directly accessible, powerful visualisations.

  • data visualisation basics
  • enhance visualisations / inner mechanics
  • summary and Q&A

Part three: Data Analytics and Aggregation

  • statistical data analysis and aggregation
  • indexing
  • data grouping and aggregation
  • summary and Q&A

The workshop will be provided as Jupyter notebook for the attendees to follow along.

Please download this git and follow the install instructions: If you don’t want to use anaconda, you can use python3 and pip install pandas jupyter barnum numpy matplotlib xlsxwriter (at your own risk)

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