EuroPython 2018

Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird
Job title
Research and Experiments Engineer
Compact biography

Sarah is a Research and Experiments Engineer at Mozilla. Previously she was a software engineer at Anaconda. She has been a core developer of the interactive visualization library Bokeh since 2015.

After a brief spell designing ejection seats for fighter jets, her career turned to applying technology to international development. She worked with many sectors, including mobile health and data collection in Pakistan, Peru, Haiti and elsewhere.

Having coded as a hobby and been a long-time open-source user, in 2012 Sarah decided to become a full-time software engineer. As a full-stack engineer at Aptivate, Sarah built software solutions for the nonprofit sector. In 2014, while working on an open data project for the World Bank, she discovered Bokeh—a data visualization library that doesn’t require you to write Javascript—and was hooked!