EuroPython 2018

Javier Jorge

Javier Jorge
Technical interests
Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Deep Learning, Scientific Libraries (Numpy/Pandas/SciKit/...), Machine-Learning
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Job title
PhD. Student
Compact biography

I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). I received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the UPV in 2014 and the Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging (MIARFID) from the UPV in 2015. Nowadays, I'm finishing a Master's degree in Parallel and Distributed Computing while completing the PhD program.

I'm working as a researcher with the "Machine Learning and Language Processing" Group (MLLP) of the UPV and my research interests include Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. More information could be found on my website (, my Google Scholar profile ( or LinkedIn (