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Hayley Denbraver

Hayley Denbraver
A Python Enthusiast and Web Developer
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Software Developer
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Hayley Denbraver is a web developer in San Diego, California, using primarily Python and Django. She is a career switcher who used to work as a licensed civil engineer. Her civil engineering projects included working on a hotel near Disneyland (It is awesome!) and anchoring air conditioners to hospital roofs (They are awesome too!). As a civil engineer she had a stamp with her name on it, but as a web developer you can find her name by using git blame. In her current work she doesn't have a phone on her desk, a fact which her employers should use to recruit new people. Not having a phone on your desk is awesome. Hayley's favorite part of her job includes helping to onboard new, internally trained devs. She is a member of a two developer household, which you should consider before accepting her dinner party invitation. Her 2018 stretch goal is to acquire a golden retriever--name suggestions are welcome.

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