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Alejandro Saucedo

Alejandro Saucedo
Head of Deployed Engineering at @Eigen_Tech | Chairman at @EthicalML | Contributing Researcher at @IEEEorg | Chief Engineer @ Exponential | #LetsDoThis
Eigen Technologies
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Head of Deployed (ML) Engineering
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Alejandro is the Head of Deployed Engineering at Eigen Technologies where he leads multiple teams of ML and DevOps engineers across London and New York. He is also the founder and CTO at Exponential, a tech consultancy in Machine Learning and DevOps. He is a Fellow for AI, Data & Machine Learning at The RSA and founder of The Institute for Ethical ML, a Think-tank focused on accelerating the creation of effective policy to ensure the ethical development of AI. He was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Hack Partners, a technology consultancy that operates in the railway sector, started a global NGO called HackaGlobal that created multiple developer communities around the world, and worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP.