EuroPython 2018

Rricha Jalota

Rricha Jalota
Learner, Dreamer and soon, an Achiever.
Technical interests
Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Jupyter/iPython, Data Science, Machine-Learning
DICE Research Group, Paderborn University
Job title
Compact biography

I come from an Electronics background and consider myself as a self-and-community-taught Computer Scientist. I am currently working as a Developer in the DICE Research Group at Paderborn University and co-mentoring a GSoC'18 project for DBpedia. I believe in all things open source and wish to spread as much knowledge as I can and in particular, help women to get into IT, which is why I also mentored in the LearnIT, Girl! program. My areas of interest (as of now) include Question Answering, Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning/Deep Learning. In my free time, I like cycling, doing zumba and of course, shopping!