EuroPython 2018

Neil Gall

Neil Gall
Symphonic Software Ltd.
Job title
Senior Developer
Compact biography

I've been at Symphonic for a year, reworking or redeveloping most of the code in the decision making engine that forms the core of the product. Also as the company goes from the start-up experimentation phase to one of deployed and supported in multiple clients, I've been pushing the team to adopt more of a quality mindset with automated tests and tooling. The ideas in the proposal come directly from some of the tools we have built in the process.

Before Symphonic I did six years of mobile development, building Android video players for a well-known Scottish media group, an iOS mobile banking app for a major UK bank, and many other apps. Prior to that I worked at TomTom on map processing operations which used a fair amount of computational geometry. And before that I spent over a decade at HP and Agilent working on Telecoms test equipment and software, often in an embedded environment. Developer testing, automated tooling and ensuring a team can consistently deliver their best quality work have been a constant focus throughout my career.

I've only spoken at a developer conference once before, at Scotland IS 2016, where I tried to convince the audience that functional programming in React could help remind mobile developers to properly do object-oriented design.

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