EuroPython 2018

Serverless Applications with Chalice

Speaker(s) Kyle Knapp

Serverless computing: it is the practice of building and running services and applications without having to worry about provisioning and managing servers. Serverless computing has been a popular topic the past couple years, and with respect to Python, there have been various different frameworks and tools released for developing and managing your Python serverless applications. This talk will focus on developing and managing your serverless applications with chalice, a python serverless microframework for AWS. Discussion points for this talk will include, but not be limited to:

• Overview of serverless applications

• Best practices in writing a serverless application

• Basic usage and core features of chalice

• Writing complete, production-level applications using chalice

• Managing and maintaining serverless applications using chalice tooling

By the end of the talk, audience members should have a better understanding of serverless computing and how to use chalice to develop and maintain serverless applications.

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