EuroPython 2018

Ridiculously Advanced Python

If you have been using Python for some time already and want to reach new heights in your language mastery, this training session is for you!

Python has a number of features which are extremely powerful but, for some reason are not particularly well known in the community. This makes progressing in our Python knowledge quite hard after we reach an intermediate level. Fear not: this session has you covered!

We will look at some advanced features of the Python language including properties, class decorators, the descriptor protocol, annotations, data classes and meta-classes. If time allows we will even delve into the abstract syntax tree (AST) itself.

We will use Python 3.7 and strongly recommend that attendees install a reasonably recent version of Python 3 to make the most out of the training.

Warning: some of the topics presented will almost certainly assure an early end to an otherwise successful career in software engineering :-)

Source code available on GitHub:

in on Monday 23 July at 09:30 See schedule
in on Monday 23 July at 09:30 See schedule
in on Monday 23 July at 11:15 See schedule

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