EuroPython 2018

Privacy for Data Scientists

As data and information security become core components of managing user data, data scientists are keen to expand their knowledge and skills relating to data privacy and security basics. As of May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation affects how European residents can access and grant consent to use their data. As European data scientists, we now have an obligation as well as distinct motivation, to practice data science with attention to data privacy.

In this workshop, we will introduce some of the basics in terms of defining privacy within the realm of data collection, modeling and machine learning. A focus on practical knowledge and code, we will cover how one can implement some of these algorithms with Python. Students will be presented with these theories along with recent research on privacy-preserving models, so they can leave with a better understanding of how to apply privacy principles to data science in their work and study.

in on Tuesday 24 July at 13:45 See schedule
in on Tuesday 24 July at 15:15 See schedule

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