EuroPython 2018

MicroPython Workshop

Speaker(s) Radomir Dopieralski

We will program some ESP8266-based development boards, make them blink LEDs, move servos, display pictures, read sensors, react to buttons, and, more importantly, talk over HTTP and MQTT with servers. This is an excellent occasion to try your skills in building and programming small electronic devices. No experience with electronics is required, everything you need to know will be covered during the workshop. You will need to bring a laptop with a USB port. If it runs Windows, make sure to have some terminal emulator installed, such as PuTTy, CoolTerm or even HyperTerm. On Linux and OSX we will use Screen, so you don’t need anything special. I only have about 20 kits for this, so the number of people that can take part is limited.

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