EuroPython 2018

MicroPython help desk

Speaker(s) Radomir Dopieralski

You’ve heard about MicroPython, but are unsure about how to start with it? Or maybe you are already building your own project, but got stuck with a problem? Come talk to me, and maybe we will be able to find a solution. Some example questions:

  • What hardware is supported, how to flash MicroPython to a particular board, and what features are available on each of them?
  • Which parts should I choose for a particular project that I have in mind?
  • How do I start porting MicroPython to a particular platform?
  • How do I find the libraries and drivers for particular hardware? How would I go about writing my own?
  • I built this thing, but it doesn’t work right, what may be wrong?

Do you have some questions on this talk?

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