EuroPython 2018

introduce Python community/conf, and cross region community in Asia.

Speaker(s) Noah Cse

PSF(Python Software Foundation) help most people who want to learn Python, and we also join so many meetup/event/conference organized by PSF or related to PSF. in Europe, thanks EuroPython Society doing a lot of jobs in handle or manage so many different region. Python is also very popular in Asia. me , Noah who is from Taipei, learn Python and join and PyConTW since 2014. I received the passion from member of Python Community in Taipei, not only in Taiwan, we also have 9 python communities in different cities around Taiwan, included KaoHsung, TaiChung, Tainan, HwaLien, TaoYoung, and we also have 2 female community which called: PyLadies Taipei, and DjangoGirls Taipei. in Taipei, we already have so many open source event or conference , what different to Python Community or PyConTW? the reason I want to join and contribute Python is : I can connect the world through Python. PyConTW is found by yyc(Yung-Yu Chen) since 2012. at 2012, PyConTW always invite famous people in Python to present in PyConTW, and also, outstanding speakers always bring their outstanding python friends. PyConTW is the first and most foreigner audiences or speakers international Open Source Conference I joined. this is way I can connect the world, face to face. not only PyConTW, I also try to connect PyCon around Asia, like PyCon Japan, and Korea, I am be a volunteer since 2016, and going on. being a volunteer of PyConMY APAC and PyConID in 2017. this is the contact and connect the world we want to share in Python, and want to contribute in Python in Asia. now , I join FOSSASIA, being a volunteer of FOSSASIA, I can help to promote my experience of Python and FOSS to people in Taipei. and now, I want to share my Asia experience to python friends in Europe.

in on Friday 27 July at 13:45 See schedule

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