EuroPython 2018

How can you use Open Source materials to learn Python & data science?

Speaker(s) Kamila Stepniowska

Python is very often recommended as the language of choice in a programming education. I can see at least two cases when it’s a thing: - introduction to programming - regardless an age and any previous educational experience, - data science - it’s just a standard… and actually both - you can teach a future data scientists starting by teaching Python.

During this talk, I would like to briefly present you what Open Source Python educational materials do we have there and how those are and can be used to teach Python and data science. PyLadies, Django Girls, Django Carrots, Python Software Foundation creates many very available materials. From the data science side, you have Open Source materials created by kaggle, Minerva, Github repos, and many other organizations and individuals.

During this talk you will learn: - where to find an Open Source Python and data science tutorials and educational materials - how does the Python community can support your learning process - why learning data science with Python is a good idea.

I’m also interested in learning your educational experience with an Open Source materials and Python community supporting your learning experience. If you would like to share a link or your educational story, please feel free to send me an email on If I will find it interesting for the audience and if you will give me your permission to share it, I might use it in the talk.

in on Thursday 26 July at 11:20 See schedule

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