EuroPython 2018

Get Productive with Python in Visual Studio Code

Speaker(s) Dan Taylor

In this demo driven session, we’ll show you how to use the cross-platform, free, and open source Visual Studio Code for all your Python development needs. From editing, to linting, to debugging and more, you will learn how to get started, as well as tips and tricks to save you time in your everyday development lifecycle.

If you’re an experienced Python developer, you will learn how to take advantage of all of Visual Studio Code’s capabilities to maximize your productivity. If you’re a new Python developer, you will learn more about Python and how to use Visual Studio Code to get up and running quickly.

We will start by showing how to create a new application, configure linting, manage virtual environments, and run code. Then we’ll show how to use more powerful features like debugging, unit testing, the Docker extension, and Visual Studio Live Share for collaborative editing and debugging with your co-workers.

Code available at:

in on Friday 27 July at 11:20 See schedule

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