EuroPython 2018

Double the money you give PSF, etc., without paying more!

Speaker(s) Steve Barnes

Many organisations, especially the larger ones, have “matching gifts” programs.

If you work for such an organisation you can potentially double or more the value of any gifts that you give to the EuroPython Society, (EPS), & Python Software Foundation, (PSF), and others.

  • Why donate in the first place?
    • How to potentially double, (sometimes more), the value of any donations that you do make.
    • What to do if your organisation has a Matching Gifts program but EPS, PSF isn’t on it’s list.
    • How your other/national (Python) groups can potentially get more money from your donations by registering for Matching Gifts, Gift Aid or similar.

No coding experience is needed just a varying amount of persistence & patience.

in on Wednesday 25 July at 13:45 See schedule

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